Outstanding talent highlighted at annual WOHS art show

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WEST ORANGE, NJ — The art wing at West Orange High School was transformed into its own version of a museum as students displayed their creative talents on June 1.

Each year, work is selected from all art classes — grades nine through 12, beginner through advanced — and displayed for one night in the WOHS art wing. The art display is a reflection of the extraordinary artistic talent of the high school students and the exhibit featured both 2-D and 3-D artwork.

“My 2-D classes included drawings using pastel, charcoal, ink, graphite, marker, colored pencil and mixed media. They also included acrylic and watercolor paintings,” art teacher Heather Young said in a release. “My Art 3, Art 4 and AP Art classes showed their best work. Nine of the AP Art students had an entire panel to themselves.”

The featured nine AP Art students were: Anastasia Adams, Victoria Chi, Darius Dyson, Genesis Guedes, Yacob Laine, Harper McVey, Kayla Moss, Natali Navarro and Siena Stanislaus. AP Art students build portfolios to present when applying to colleges as art majors.

This year, the exhibit featured the unveiling of a permanent art installation in the art wing titled “Metamorphosis and the Process of Becoming. From the Universal to the Personal and Back.” The installation piece was created by the students of 3-D Design 4 under the direction of Nicole Krulik and 3-D Design 5 under the direction of Jamie Podhurst.

“The 3-D 4 students constructed large scale figures representing all peoples and their interconnectedness to each other and the earth, and the 3-D 5 students created the history sculptures, each displaying a personal journey either through symbolism or through storytelling,” Krulik said in the release. “Together they take the viewer on a path, as it says in the title, from the universal to the personal and back.”

The installation was made possible by a grant from the high school’s PTA.

Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Cumming