Fit for an Autopsy dissects its new album on WSOU

Photo Courtesy of Mark Maben
Members of the heavy metal band Fit for an Autopsy visited Seton Hall University’s WSOU radio station on Feb. 13 to discuss their forthcoming album, ‘The Great Collapse.’ From left are drummer Josean Orta, guitarist Will Putney, WSOU Assistant Music Director Nick Durant and guitarist Pat Sheridan.

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — As part of the leadup to the release of their new album, “The Great Collapse,” members of the band Fit for an Autopsy stopped by WSOU on Monday, Feb. 13, for a conversation with Assistant Music Director Nick Durant.

The live on-air interview covered a variety of topics, starting off with a discussion about the themes of the new album, the band’s third. “The Great Collapse” explores climate change, the refugee crisis and other topics in the news.

“We aren’t a political band, we don’t stand on a soapbox,” said guitarist Patrick Sheridan, who added that the band’s songs are more about exploring the personal internalization of global conflict and social turmoil than staking out a particular political position.

“It was terrific to have Fit for an Autopsy drop by WSOU,” Durant said. “Not only is this Jersey City-based band a local favorite, they are a lot of fun to talk with. Their insights on the video for their new single, ‘Heads Will Hang,’ was particularly great to hear.”

Audio of the interview can be found on WSOU’s website at