Naughty By Nature to be honored by Historical Society of EO

EAST ORANGE, NJ — The Historical Society of East Orange is scheduled to host its annual Lawn Reception at Cicely Tyson School of the Fine and Performing Arts on Sunday, June 11, from 3 to 6 p.m., and one of the honorees will be internationally known local hip-hop music legends Naughty By Nature.

“The Historical Society honors individuals and/or groups that have made significant contributions to the city of East Orange,” said Historical Society of East Orange Co-Chairman Geoffrey Burbage on Saturday, June 3, after his appearance on Royston Allman’s “Changemakers” radio show on RTH200 to promote the upcoming lawn party event. “So we have a pretty diverse group of people that are going to be honored … We host it each year, honoring different people.”

Burbage admitted, however, that the decision to honor a famous rap group would be the first time the Historical Society of East Orange has honored hip-hop music artists in the organization’s long and distinguished history. He also said it’s about time they did honor local heroes such as Vincent “Vin Rock” Brown, Keir “DJ Kay Gee” Gist, and Anthony “Treach” Criss.

“Times change and music and musical tastes change, too, and we have to keep up with those changes and document them as well,” Burbage said. “We want to be inclusive and relevant, while also acknowledging that history is a living thing that’s made by real-life people every day, regardless of whoever likes it or not, and our job is to document the city’s history and keep it alive for future generations. That’s why we’re also hoping that Miss Cicely Tyson will come out to be honored, too, at the Lawn Reception, but we’re hearing from her people that might not be possible, due to health issues.”

Burbage’s mother, Historical Society of East Orange President Goldie Burbage, is one of Tyson’s contemporaries, and said she will definitely going to be on hand at the Lawn Reception.

“We’re going to be out there are Cicely Tyson School, rain or shine,” said Goldie Burbage on Monday, June 5. “If it doesn’t rain, we’ll be outdoors. If it does rain, we’ll move the reception indoors and we’ll be inside the school’s theater.”

Brown also said he definitely plans to attend the Historical Society of East Orange’s annual Lawn Reception.

“I’ll be accepting the award on behalf of Naughty By Nature,” said Brown on Tuesday, June 6. “It’s an ultimate honor to be recognized by our hometown. We’re blessed Naughty By Nature will be included in East Orange’s rich history.”

Brown also said, once again, that no matter where fame, success, money and stardom took him and his bandmates, they never forgot where home really was, saying he’s proud as East Orange moves into a bold, brave future.

“We have a great city, which is rebuilding, re-establishing itself as a bedroom community where you can live, work and play,” Brown said. “After 26 years in the entertainment industry, I’m proud to currently reside in my hometown of East Orange. E.O. Pride!”