Maplewood Rocks: bringing kindness surprises

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MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Part of a nationwide movement of kindness, keep your eyes peeled for happy rocks throughout Maplewood. Painted and decorated rocks are being left for residents to find and either keep or re-hide, just to bring some happiness to their day. The idea has been spreading across the country, and Maplewood Recreation Director Melissa Mancuso knows Maplewood residents would want to join in the fun of spreading smiles to unsuspecting passersby. For more information, visit

“I’ve always loved rocks. I keep them on my desk, my children collect them, and through the years friends bring me strange shaped or fun rocks to decorate my life and I’ve been grateful,” Mancuso said. “Of course the Kindness Rocks Project was appealing to me, and I nabbed the Facebook page Maplewood Rocks and am hoping it takes off. It is unbelievably fun to hide the rocks and know you may change someone’s mood or day with an uplifting message and splash of color. I find the act of painting them therapeutic, and it’s a simple activity and lessons for the little ones. Our campers had fun with it, our recreation staff painted through a department staff meeting and our seniors lent their skills for some awesome creations as well. It’s fun for everyone.”

If you are lucky and find one of the rocks, simply take your photo with it, post the photo on tge Maplewood Rocks Facebook page and re-hide it for someone else to have fun. If you love the rock too much to set it free, paint some in return and hide those to keep the movement going.

Send the Recreation Department photos of your little — and big — artists at work, or post them to the Facebook page. Let’s send rocks on journeys townwide to spread positivity and inspire neighbors. If any town rocks, clearly it’s Maplewood.

Photos Courtesy of Maplewood Recreation