SOMA schools experience LUX Orchestra at SOPAC

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SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — Fourth-graders from the South Orange-Maplewood School District attended a performance of LUX Orchestra at South Orange Performing Arts Center as part of an arts education partnership developed between SOPAC’s Arts Education Division and SOMSD’s Fine Arts Department.

With a clash of the cymbals and flash of light, LUX Orchestra dazzled the students with dynamic performances of the music of Beethoven, Dvorak and other master composers. The focus of this field trip concert event was not only to expose students to timeless musical works but to inspire the district’s fourth-graders to study a musical instrument and join their schools’ band or string program next year. LUX even provided an additional mid-day performance for music students at South Orange Middle School, who walked over to the arts center, with teachers and chaperones, to enjoy LUX Orchestra’s unique approach to the concert experience.

Conductor Brent Chancellor call LUX “bold, dramatic, unruly, visionary — LUX is an orchestral explosion, merging the worlds of high-energy performance and symphonic music. It’s an unparalleled musical experience.”

Photos Courtesy of James Manno