Tri-M Honor Society welcomes 51 new members

Tri-M Honor Society inductees at West Orange High School

WEST ORANGE, NJ — The Music Modern Masters, or Tri-M, Honor Society at West Orange High School welcomed 51 new members to its ranks in a ceremony held in the school’s Library Media Center on Nov. 13.

“We are very proud of the students in the Tri-M Honors Society and all of the students who participate in the many performing groups available to them at West Orange High School,” honor society adviser John Hellyer said at the induction ceremony. “These groups include concert choir, honors chamber choir, glee choir, jubilee choir, concert band, marching band, jazz band, percussion ensemble, wind ensemble, string orchestra, royal strings, spring musical, dance, step teams and other performance-based groups.”

Requirements for acceptance into Tri-M include A’s in a student’s music/arts/dance class, A’s and B’s in other classes, and a recommendation from their teacher. In addition, students must complete eight hours of community service to the music department, such as ushering concerts or plays, helping with band and color guard festivals, etc. Students receive a certificate and Tri-M pin upon their induction, and seniors will receive a pink cord to wear at graduation in June.

Student performances from the band, orchestra and vocal departments highlighted the ceremony.

“We have a wealth of talent among these students and are thrilled we can provide so many opportunities for them to flourish,” Hellyer said. “Tri-M encompasses the philanthropic and citizenship aspects of being a good performer and students support their department and each other by volunteering for service at music and theater events. It is truly inspiring to see them as such strong advocates for each other.”

Tri-M Chapter 2854 officers at West Orange High School are President Wolfgang Scheitinger, Vice President Aysar Abdegelil, secretary Danielle Russell, treasurer Brett Zeligson, orchestra liaison Ruthanne Ward, band liaison Samuel Louis-Charles, chorus liaison Star Lawson and drama liaison Rachel Favetta.

Newly inducted members include: Paulina Acosta, Julian Adams, Hailey Nicole Adelsohn, Ziyanna Amanuel, Ernest Anuamadi, Cathy Arjoon, Masarrah Assad, Grace Attia, Onye Bosco, Caroline Campanella, Ruben Centeno, Sebastian Chaviano, Shannon Dinio, Nichole Drane, Damilare Femi-Akenbi, Joseph Florendo, Justin Galdamez, Julia Giovine, Alil Hale-Small, Carlos Herbozo Osco, Indigo Blu Jackson, Johanna Jaeger, Alexandra Kicior, Khalil Louigene, Emily Lux, Melanie Maciejak, Connor Mills, Blair Murdock, Aidan O’Gorman, Philip Ojo, Abigail Oliver, Isabella Ompok, Maggie Parker, Justin Peters, Ashleigh Phillip, Daniella Rodriguez, Giantonella Rojas, Isabella Saade, Kendall Sankar, Abbie Schneider, Bryan Singer, Veena Steaphen, Ayana Tapper, Toluwase Thomas, Jacob Ulric, Stephanie Urias, Justin Vahalla, Nathaniel Vargas, Johan Vasquez, Jordan Walker and Trinity Williams.