ARTS ED NJ writes feature piece on Tuscan School

Photo Courtesy of ARTS ED NJ

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — A recent art project at Tuscan School was featured in the the ARTS ED NJ newsletter this January. ARTS ED NJ is a statewide arts education advocacy organization and serves as a resource for arts education information, policy and advocacy in New Jersey.

The newsletter read, in part:

“Tuscan School received a grant from the Artists in Education Residency Grant Program to engage with a professional teaching artist. Fourth-grade students in Ms. Gina Garofalo’s homeroom and Mr. Andrew Dean’s art classes worked with artist Barbara M. Bickart for 25 days of hands-on workshops to create and produce a video-performance installation. This residency motivated students to develop their identity and personal narrative individually as well as what role they play within the greater context of the community. Students produced a video-performance installation focused through the prompt: “I am from …” Subsequently they worked collaboratively, developing “We are from …” to further promote tolerance, acceptance, diversity, and positive social and community change.

“This project also provided an opportunity for students to continue developing personally relevant writing skills. Students explored various mediums to express their written words in addition to their classroom writing practice. This work culminated in a live performance installation showcased Dec. 13.”