East Orange man convicted of robbery

NEWARK, NJ — Mario Lyn, 21, of East Orange, was convicted on Wednesday, Jan. 11, by an Essex County jury of a 2014 Mother’s Day robbery, following a trial before Superior Court Judge Joseph Donohue.

According to Assistant Prosecutor Meredith Mona, who tried the case, the 14-year-old victim had just left his grandmother’s home and was on his to his mother’s house when Lyn and a co-conspirator asked him if they could use his cell phone. The victim agreed. Lyn and his co-defendant led the victim to the side of a house. They ran his pockets and forced him to give up his jacket, sneakers and cell phone.

Earlier on Wednesday, Jan. 11, an Essex County jury convicted Lyn of second-degree robbery and second-degree conspiracy.

“The jury considered all of the evidence in this case and reached a fair verdict, guaranteeing justice for the victim,” said Mona.

The co-defendant, Elijah Jordan, 21, was charged on the same indictment as Lyn. Jordan pled guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery on June 8, 2016. Jordan is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday, Jan. 27, and is expected to receive five years for his role in the robbery. He also pled to two other cases. Jordan is expected to get a total of 10 years for all three cases. According to the No Early Release Act, he must serve 85 percent of the 10-year sentence before he is eligible for parole.

Lyn is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday, Feb. 24, on the robbery charges. He, too, must serve 85 percent of his sentence, before he is eligible for parole.