Sheriff’s officers rescue abandoned, unresponsive infant girl

NEWARK, NJ — An abandoned and unresponsive infant girl was rescued from an illegally parked motor vehicle outside Veterans Memorial Park the morning of Dec. 10 by Essex County Sheriff’s officers, according to a press release.

Sheriff Armando Fontoura said officers were on routine patrol when they spotted the vehicle. 

“Immediately upon approaching the illegally parked car, the officers observed the 3-month-old infant, who was locked inside the vehicle. Our officers than made a forced entry into the vehicle and found the child unresponsive and its breathing was very shallow,” Fontoura said. “Once they realized the baby was unresponsive, Newark EMS was called and the child was transported without delay to receive medical attention.”

With treatment, the infant regained consciousness and her doctors believe she will make a full recovery. 

According to the sheriff’s office, the infant’s mother arrived to the vehicle 45 minutes after the child had been sent to University Hospital. She was taken into custody on a municipal court warrant and the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office’s Special Victims Unit will be leading the investigation into the matter.

“Our officers involved in this rescue mission are to be highly commended for their professionalism, alertness and action under these life-threatening circumstances,” Fontoura said.