NAACP to host workshop on housing and related issues at NJIT

IRVINGTON, NJ — According to Irvington NAACP Vice President Kathleen Witcher, the organization hosted a workshop on discrimination in housing and employment on Saturday, July 9, at Greater New Point Baptist Church.

Witcher said the NAACP will be hosting another workshop on Saturday, July 16, from noon to 2 p.m., at the New Jersey Institute of Technology Campus Center in downtown Newark, regarding immigration rights, policing and new federal regulations regarding discriminatory practices.

“On hand with detailed presentations at the July 9 workshop were the acting director of the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, Philip Freeman, and assistant and Irvington resident Frank Lucas,” said Witcher on Sunday, July 10. “They explained and answered questions that many people are likely not informed about their rights and do not file claims against offenders for the many forms of discrimination that occur. Some of the areas that were discussed were age discrimination, where the employee is told they have aged out. But also there are people who, time after time, are refused a promotion on the jobs they qualify to hold and discover that someone who is less qualified actually gets promoted.”

Witcher said the workshop also focused on “many who have difficulty trying to rent a place or buy a home.” She said renters’ rights are an important issue, since housing discrimination continues to be a persistent problem.

“When a person requires certain accommodations in housing, landlords who resist, understanding that there is a disability, can be made to answer for lack of changes, such as providing handrails or installing other safety devices to work with residents. New rules in housing may also prevent a person who has been convicted from acquiring housing. There is now a provision that voids offenders who have certain convictions, including rape or murder or other heinous crimes.”

“Another workshop will be held addressing immigrants’ rights, policing and also more new federal regulations regarding discriminatory practices,” said Witcher. “Acting Director Phil Freeman and Lucas invite all to attend. The New Jersey Division on Civil Rights is an arm of the Office of the State Attorney General.”

Witcher said anyone interested in learning more about the workshop on Saturday, July 16, can call 973-392-6360 or email