West Orange enrichment program wraps up successful summer session

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WEST ORANGE, NJ — The West Orange School District Summer Enrichment Program wrapped up July 29 with musical and dance performances by teachers and students and a slideshow created by the tech class.

“Four-hundred and seven students participated in this year’s Summer Enrichment program,” Lou Quagliato, supervisor of fine arts for the West Orange School District, said in a press release.

St. Cloud music teacher Scott Tomlin served as the onsite program coordinator while high school nurse Denise Werzen was on hand to assist with any medical issues.

Part-time morning classes and extended-day program offerings were available to students.

“Students enjoyed the program,” Quagliato said, “and the extended-day program provided a nice variety of activities for the students from 12:15 to 4 p.m.”

Program offerings were wide-ranging and varied. Academic programs included science, math, technology, computers and English as a Second Language; music offerings included individual instruments — such as clarinet, piano, guitar, percussion, saxophone, cello, violin, flute and oboe — and band and orchestra; and other fine arts programs included dance, drama, fitness classes and art — such as calligraphy, painting, ceramics and crafts.

“It’s amazing to witness what the teachers can do in a short time and what the students were able to learn in such a narrow window of instruction,” Quagliato said. “Focused daily lessons really enables the students to retain information and produce positive results.”

West Orange High School student volunteers assisted teachers with their classes to learn some skills and earn community service hours.

Newly appointed dance instructor at West Orange High School, Melissa Sande, was leading the dance group through their paces.

“I’m excited to be here and looking forward to a great year at the high school,” she said in the release.

“The program has been great this year. All our students have been enjoying themselves, and we’re looking forward to some great performances at the end of the week,” Quagliato said prior to the June 29 end date.

Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Cumming