Murray runs for seat on school board

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — The Independent Press is continuing its profiling of Bloomfield Board of Education candidates in the November elections. Profiled already were incumbents Shane Berger and Jill Fischman, and challengers Djanna Hill-Tall, Laura Izurieta, Lillian Mancheno and Ben Morse. All are running for three open three-year seats. Not yet profiled are challengers Catherine Bumpus and Gladys Rivera. Linda Lo is running for an uncontested, one-year seat. All candidates have been asked the same questions.

Eileen Murray
Eileen Murray is a member of the mathematics faculty at Montclair State University. She has two sons, a first-grader and a third-grader, at Oak View Elementary School and said this is a big reason why she is running for the board of education.

“We’re going into the system,” Murray said. “I want to know what is coming down the pike that will impact me.

As an educator, she said her research is in education.
“I think I have the knowledge of the best methods of educating children,” Murray said. “My job at Montclair State is as a teacher, researcher and in service.”
Murray said service means working on different school committees. She is part of the undergraduate committee and is the coordinator for pre-calculus course work.

She also credited board member Daniel Anderson with her interest in running for office. Anderson had spoken to her about the work accomplished by the board and Murray thought she would like to do it.

“I also do a lot of professional development in schools around New Jersey,” she said.