Pit bull from town’s shelter attacks boy who receives 80 stitches to close wounds

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — According to Mayor Michael Venezia, an 11-year-old boy has been injured by a dog adopted from the Bloomfield Animal Shelter.
“All I know is he got 81 stitches,” Venezia said earlier this week.

In an email, Bloomfield Police Department Director Sam DeMaio confirmed that the dog was a pit bull named Derrick.
The dog, he said, had been found roaming the streets and had been in the shelter for about 10 months.

He was adopted during the week of Oct. 10. The biting incident occurred in Clifton and the dog is currently being housed at the animal control shelter in that city. A magistrate was to decide if the dog is vicious and should be destroyed.

Venezia said he believed the dog was adopted by a couple, that the parents and brother of one of the couple were visiting, and the brother was bitten on Oct. 16.
“The goal right now is to make sure the boy is alright and to help the family,” Venezia said.

The Bloomfield Animal Advisory Board, he said, was hoping to find a sanctuary for the dog. The mayor also said that Township Attorney Michael Parlavecchio had written a letter to the Clifton Board of Health.

In the Oct. 24 letter to John Biegel III, the health officer, Parlavecchio requested the dog’s return to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter.

“As you know, this dog originated in our shelter which is a no-kill shelter,” he said. “The township understands and accepts that it will be explicitly prohibited from again putting this dog out for adoption.”

“They gave us assurance the letter would be given to the judge,” Venezia said.
According to DeMaio, the court hearing was to take place Wednesday, Oct. 26.
“We may send one of our attorney,” Venezia said. “As of right now, it’s unclear.”

The Bloomfield Animal Advisory Board was scheduled to meet on Tuesday, Oct. 25.


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