Art classes continue for seniors in Glen Ridge

Lynn Palmer finishes a watercolor.

GLEN RIDGE, NJ — At the Glen Ridge Recreation Department senior studio art class on Tuesday, March 7, students began a three-week exercise that instructor Kristina Farrell said would be in preparation for painting flesh tones.

For the first lesson, Farrell asked the students to copy a photograph using only one color. She suggested making a value chart, from dark to light, of the selected hue. She permitted another color to be added only to make the color warmer or cooler.

Photos by Daniel Jackovino
A student begins a drawing

“But don’t deviate from the basic color,” she said.
At the next class meeting, a similar exercise would be done using three colors.
“This is a nice way to get comfortable painting people,” Farrell said. “No flesh tones until the third week.”

The studio class for seniors meets every Tuesday, from 10 a.m. to noon, at the Ridgewood Avenue Train Station, 228 Ridgewood Ave. Any senior interested in more information should contact the recreation department director, Jim Cowen, at 973-748-2924; or The Art Garage director, Suzanne O’Connor, 973-744-6484.