Dolls have their day at the Women’s Club again

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GLEN RIDGE, NJ — The Women’s Club of Glen Ridge held its annual My Favorite Doll’s Tea Party on Sunday, March 12. As the name implies, the event was for little girls, their dolls and their mothers. It was about the 10th year for the tea party, according to club president, Jill Simmons. The Girls’ Club, an auxiliary of the Women’s Club, helped out on the ballroom floor by serving sandwiches, lemonade and confections.

Upstairs, a doll could have its hair done by Girls’ Club member, too. A raffle was held for accessories benefiting a special doll, and there was a storytime provide by Glen Ridge High School junior, Lily Nicles, dressed as “Belle,” from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” Proceeds from the event go for the support of the club and community service.