Watsessing kindergartners move up in special ceremony

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BLOOMFIELD, NJ — Watsessing Elementary School celebrated Move-Up Day on Friday, June 9. Principal Gina Rosamilia, kindergarten teachers Teresa Foster and Elena Kazoun and their students presented an assembly program marking the children’s passage to first grade in the school gym. This year, 39 kindergarteners moved up in the ceremony, which opened with the song,“The Best Year of Our Lives.”

Foster told parents that she’d had many wonderful days with their children, saying, “We’ve accomplished so much.”

In September, the kindergartners could only count to 10, she said, and had limited writing ability. But now they could do much more.
“They can write complete sentences,” she said.

Kazoun said the kindergartners represented a rainbow and had become beginner nature explorers and science investigators, while also learning an important lesson: “Always remember to be kind and smile.”

The children sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and there was a slide show entitled “Special Bonds,” which showed children in various school activities including marking the 100th day of the school year and playing in the school pumpkin patch.

While they began seated on risers, to end Move-Up Day, the students climbed the stairs to the stage where Rosamilia handed out diplomas to them.

The sixth-graders were thanked for helping to set up the gym.
The students in Foster’s class are: Sadeem Alzahrani; Layla Anderson; Joseph Arias; Borys Calle; Zarnea Camacho; Samantha Campos; Jordan Coppedge; Noah Dalley; Abigail Favetti; Eyeko Gawuah; Porsha Graham; London LaRue; Hailey Latham; David Leaty; Sophia Magana Martinez; Asaad Majuta; Giovanni Piombo; Kade Ponte; Justin Powell; Kayla Rivas; Ileana Rodriguez, and Savannah Wadge.
The students in Kazoun’s class are: Elias Bullard; Benjamin Cascante; Andrew Cruz; Windel Denis; Matias Flores; Natalia Gerson; Tristan Holmes; Leila Howard; Joandra Jacobo; Yvetho Jerome; Robin Lowe; Levi Mendez; Kirsten Odom; Rico Orr; Isabella Santiago; Giovanni Soto, and Caitlyn Sy.