Orange votes ‘yes’ on electing BOE

ORANGE, NJ — According to the Essex County Clerk’s Office, the unofficial results for Public Question No. 1 for Orange on the statewide general election ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 5, show that 1,766 voters or 85.98 percent voted overwhelmingly in favor of changing the Orange public schools from a Type 1 district with a Board of Education whose members are unilaterally appointed by the mayor to a Type 2 district where voters get to choose who they want to represent them.

The early results posted on the Essex County Clerk’s Office website as of 11:15 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 7, show only 288 voters or 14.02 percent voted “No” on Public Question No. 1.

The results are an unqualified victory for the Rev. Anthony Johnson and the city’s Committee for an Elected Orange School Board, which has been fighting to get Orange voters the chance to elect chosen BOE representatives. It comes after Superior Court Judge Tom Vena’s ruling on Halloween, Tuesday, Oct. 31, that allowed Public Question No. 1 to be put on the general election ballot.

“The committee is gratified that the appellate court agrees with the decision of the trial court and we look forward to going forward and winning the election,” said Johnson on Tuesday, Oct. 31. The question is for the voters to decide that the Orange Board of Education should be elected, not appointed. That is the question and this will be the third time we’re voting on it — the first time was advisory and the second time was binding but it was overturned.”