Giants tackle Adam Bisnowaty visits Edison Central Six

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WEST ORANGE, NJ — Giants tackle Adam Bisnowaty paid a visit to students in the Write on Sports after-school program at Edison Middle School on March 19 to help students hone their writing and interviewing skills. He was joined by sportswriter Matt Stanmyre from NJ Advance Media.

The Write on Sports program was begun in 2006 by Byron Yake, a retired sportswriter. Yake wanted to help middle school students improve their writing and literacy skills via sports writing. Students are recommended to the two-week summer camp by their teachers and there is no cost to attend.

Yake was present at the event along with EMS teacher Jennifer Blume and WOS staff Andy Beutel and Shannon Schmitt.

Bisnowaty is 24 and was hired by the Giants in 2017 as tackle and made his debut on Dec. 31, 2017. Growing up, he liked baseball and wrestling more than football, but by the time he was in eighth grade he weighed 245 pounds and football became the obvious choice for a sport. He grew up in Pittsburgh and even played for the Pittsburgh Panthers in college.

Stanmyre began by explaining his approach to interviewing, which includes researching the person prior to meeting with them. He also told students that he liked to ask questions that would set his interview apart from others and bring out new facts.

For his part, Bisnowaty told the fledgling writers what he did and didn’t enjoy about interviews.

“I don’t like to get the same questions over and over from reporters,” he said, “and I don’t like it when they have the wrong information. I want an interview to be something where people get to know me.”

For instance, Stanmyre asked him for a personal fact that other people do not know. Bisnowaty answered that he loves animals and has a St. Bernard and a Corgi. He also shared about his Jewish faith, as he is currently the only Jewish player on the Giants.

“I like questions I can answer,” Bisnowaty continued. “Don’t ask me about Eli Manning or who should be the quarterback.”

Following the interview with Stanmyre, students were able to ask questions.

“What was your highest point as a player and your lowest point in your career so far?” asked one student.

“My highest point in my career so far was starting in the last game of the season and my lowest point was having a losing year,” Bisnowaty answered.

Photos Courtesy of WOSD