Mayor says new Taco Bell is a sign of progress in the township

IRVINGTON, NJ — During Mayor Tony Vauss’ tour of some of the township’s small businesses, along with U.S. Rep. Donald Payne Jr. and New Jersey District Director for the U.S. Small Business Administration Alfred Titone on Monday, April 30, the mayor remarked that Taco Bell is one of the congressman’s favorite attractions, whenever he returns to his home district from his job representing New Jersey’s 10th District in Washington, D.C.

“Like he tells you all the time; he comes here, his cleaners is here and, of course, he loves Taco Bell,” said Vauss on Monday, April 30, during a tour stop at Super Fresh on Lyons Avenue.

Vauss said the economy is moving in the right direction, thanks to the efforts of small businessmen such as James Lee, the vice president of Super Fresh. He also praised the new Taco Bell restaurant on Springfield Avenue across from Civic Square.

When they visited Irvington, Payne and Titone first stopped by the Super Fresh supermarket on Lyons Avenue in the old Pathmark Plaza, then moved on to Frontline Industries near the top of Chancellor Avenue, before ending at Chef Roscoe on Springfield Avenue.

“Small businesses are really the backbone of this country,” said Payne on Monday, April 30. “They do most of the hiring. If you look around, you have local people working here, earning a living to raise their families.”

Vauss agreed with Payne and said this is why supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs in town is vitally important to Irvington’s ongoing economic redevelopment and future development. He added that he is please to have Payne working on the township’s behalf in Congress.

“Congressman Payne has been a staunch supporter of the township of Irvington,” said Vauss on Monday, April 30. “I’m just indebted to the congressman for being here each and every day.”

Payne said the fact that Irvington has so many good small businesses and a leader such as Vauss, who is committed to revitalizing the local economy, makes his job easier. The mayor, on the other hand, said supporting local businesses and doing whatever he can to ensure their success is a labor of love.

“That’s what we do here in the township of Irvington,” the mayor said.

Vauss said the new Valley Plaza Mall on Chancellor Avenue, recent completion of the new Hilltop Project on the old Irvington General Hospital site, and the opening of the Super Fresh supermarket and Taco Bell are proof that people recognize Irvington is the place to be, with its prime location and easy access to some of New Jersey’s major highways and public transportation.

“We like to say anything within the township of Irvington qualifies as a small business, because we want everybody to strive to be better and become big businesses,” said Vauss. “That’s what we do here in the township of Irvington.”