Teamwork and sunshine helped Beautification Commission’s workday

A small army of dedicated volunteers and members of the Beautification Commission relax after a long day’s work on the east side of the town.

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — On Saturday morning, June 2, dozens of volunteers joined DPW workers in cleaning up the triangle at the border of Newark and Bloomfield at Bloomfield Avenue and 15th Street. This event was organized by the Bloomfield Beautification Committee, which leads various town cleanup events downtown and in parks every year.

The Beautification Committee, which was created last year, has 13 members. The triangle serves as a “Welcome to Bloomfield” point, as represented by a sign stating the same. In addition to cleaning the area, the Beautification Committee members planted flowers and shrubs.

“I would like to thank members of the Department of Public Works, especially Director Anthony Nesto, for not only helping with these community cleanups, but really leading the charge,” said Councilwoman Jenny Mundell, liaison to the Bloomfield Beautification Committee. “Their experience and expertise helped us make the best of the time our volunteers had. This is what community is all about.”

“I want to commend all of our volunteers, who made a tangible difference today in cleaning up this town landmark,” said Beautification Committee Chairwoman Martha Felix. “We have already seen a good response from the community in the immediate vicinity of the triangle. We are engaging local residents to help with upkeep projects throughout the year, and I encourage any residents who would like to bring a potential project to the Beautification Committee’s attention can contact Councilwoman Mundell at or Diana Aviles at