CORESSWC awards $17,090 in financial literacy scholarships

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WEST ORANGE, NJ — Circle of Rainbow Sisters Seeking Spiritual and Wellness awarded $17,090 in financial literacy scholarships to students in grades five through 12, as well as to college students, in a ceremony held at West Orange Township Hall on July 26.

CORESWCC founder Maritza Brown welcomed students and parents along with member Nicole Williams. Council President Susan McCartney and West Orange Superintendent of Schools Jeff Rutzky assisted with award distribution. Judge Sybil Elias was the keynote speaker.

Scholarships were awarded in three categories: Teens Financial Discipline Awards, Grades 11-12 Financial Readiness Academic Scholarship Awards, and College Freshman 2017-18 Documentary Award Program Earnings.

“Teens” in grades five through 10 receiving FDA awards learned how to help their families manage expenses by contributing to the reduction of primary household expense lanes like gas, electric or water. They paid themselves by depositing proceeds from birthday gifts, allowance or income earned. In all, 529 Education Accounts were opened for the students and they received 20 percent of the award in cash.

Six high school juniors and seniors received scholarships via the Financial Readiness Academic Scholarships Awards Programs. Student qualifications included the demonstration of financial readiness skills, financial need and a grade-point average of 3.0 or better in financial literacy in math and language arts, if offered at their high school. Applications and interviews were conducted with qualified students.

Now beginning its second year, the Documentary Award Program currently has four students participating: Julie-Ann Destine, Obed Narcisse, Imani Nyame and Gabriella Rodrigues. During the awards ceremony a drawing was held to add an additional two students, and Katherine Myerson and Estelle Eustache were selected.

Most of the monies were raised at CORESWCC’s annual fundraiser on March 25 at “Women Who Rock the Kitchen” at West Orange High School.

Photos Courtesy of WOSD