The last day of summer at the Community Pool Pool

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GLEN RIDGE, NJ — The Glen Ridge Community Pool closed for the season on Monday. On Sunday, the day before — and even a few days before that — the weather was too cloudy for bathers. Scant few regulars were at the pool on Sunday. But regardless, whoever did come recalled the summer and said adieu.

Karen Andros, a French teacher from Nutley, was there with her two sons, Michael and Justin. They had spent most of the summer at the pool, but went to Coney Island and Point Pleasant. Karen was reading “Inferno,” a mystery by Dan Brown. She said the only time she had the opportunity to read was during the summer. She teaches French at Belleville High School.

Patrick Higgins was with his twin daughters and wife. They spent time in Lavallette. He was reading “two phenomenal books.”
“I read ‘Shoe Dog,’ by Phil Knight,” he said. “He established Nike. And I’m right in the middle of the autobiography of Andre Agassi.” Patrick’s girls were starting their first year of school in a few days.

Bloomfield resident Leah Sherman was with her three daughters and husband. They did not go to the Jersey Shore this summer and it really did not matter. Leah said it rained most weekends.

“We brought the kids here, but if it thundered and lightninged, the pool closed early,” she said.
Another Bloomfield denizen, Ken Swatt, was about the only person in the pool. He was doing laps and swam 1,500 yards.
“Today is kind of a bummer for people who want the sun,” he said. “It doesn’t affect me. I swim in the rain.”

Tina Nampumuza and Trinity Asiimwe, sisters — and, just guessing — about 6 and 4 years old, respectively, said they went to Virginia Beach, stayed in a hotel, saw a rock band and played miniature golf. Tina read this summer “Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King” and “The Secret Garden.” Trinity studied her counting and adding.

Bob Silvera, an assistant manager at the pool, said it rained a lot this summer.
“We had more hotter days in previous summers or maybe I was just working more hours,” he said.
But after a few days of rain, he said people would come to the pool regardless of the weather. And the water was clearer because the sand in the filters had been replaced over the winter. So maybe that was the silver lining to a cloudy day at the pool