ECPO investigates police-involved shooting in Irvington

Mayor Tony Vauss confirmed that the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office is currently investigating the police-involved shooting in Irvington.

IRVINGTON, NJ — Members of the Irvington Police Division were engaged in a police-involved shooting on Friday, Sept. 7, and now the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Professional Standards Bureau is investigating the incident, according to acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore N. Stephens.

“The incident occurred shortly before 10 p.m., when Irvington police officers were dispatched to a liquor store in the 100 block of Clinton Avenue on a report of a robbery in progress,” said Stephens on Saturday, Sept. 8. “Arriving officers observed a suspect fleeing from the store and began pursuing him on foot. In the course of the foot pursuit, an Irvington officer discharged his service weapon, striking the suspect. A handgun was recovered at the scene. The suspect was transported to an area hospital and is being treated for his injuries.”

Stephens said the ECPO Professional Standards Bureau is investigating that incident in Irvington.

“It is early in the investigation and no additional information is available at this time,” Stephens said. “The state attorney general guidelines require all county prosecutor’s offices to respond to incidents, whenever a law enforcement officer discharges a weapon.”

“The liquor store at 1051 Clinton Ave. was robbed and responding officers encountered the suspect, who was armed with a handgun,” said Public Safety Director Tracy Bowers on Monday, Sept. 10. “The suspect was shot during the incident and subsequently arrested. The suspect’s gun and proceeds from the robbery were recovered.”

Bowers agreed with Stephens that the ECPO Professional Standards Bureau investigating the police-involved shooting is just a formality.

“As a matter of protocol, the incident is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office, just like all police-involved shootings are,” Bowers said.

Mayor Tony Vauss echoed his Bowers’ sentiments as well, but declined to comment about the ongoing ECPO Professional Standards Bureau investigation.

“As for the police-involved shooting, it is currently under investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office and I would refer all questions there, as it is an ongoing investigation,” said Vauss on Monday, Sept. 10.