Collum signs closing docs for Village Hall sale

Photo Courtesy of Sheena Collum

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — On Sept. 20, Village President Sheena Collum, flanked by municipal attorney Clyde Otis and Village Clerk/Notary Kevin Harris, signed all closing documents for the sale of Village Hall to Landmark Hospitality to be turned into a restaurant.

“I have been waiting for this day to come for so long that it’s borderline emotional for me,” Collum wrote about the experience. “An $8 million-plus immediate direct savings to our taxpayers; a new downtown ratable; an adaptive reuse with a multimillion-dollar historic renovation for a restaurant and beer garden being undertaken by one of the most successful, award-winning restaurant groups in the entire region and ‘activating’ a very important intersection in the heart of our downtown, which as a major anchor, will undoubtedly attract more investment moving east on South Orange Avenue,” she listed as some benefits.