Four candidates in BOE race ready to serve

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — Four new members will be joining the Bloomfield Board of Education in January, with three of the successful candidates having previous board experience. The uncertified results, for three-year seats, had Michael Heller as the top vote-getter with 4,792 votes. He previously served a board term, but was defeated in 2017. Ralph Walker, with no board experience, received 4,126 votes. Shane Berger received 3,482 votes. He has previously served two terms on the board, but was defeated in 2016. Ben Morse, who will be filling out an unexpired term with a one-year seat and who had previously served an eight-month appointment, received 3,081 votes. His opponent, Brian Crawley, received 2,257 votes.

The unofficial tally for the remaining candidates had Jody Polidoro, 2,908 votes; Dick Wolfe, 2,811 votes; Julian Maculan, 2,597 votes; incumbent Dan Anderson with 1,563 votes; and Laura Izurieta, with 1,489 votes. The top three vote-getters for three-year seats were in the first three ballot positions.
All winning candidates were contacted once the unofficial results were in.

“We’re going to have a really great year,” Heller said.
He added that he was looking forward to district strategic and facility plans and getting to work with the seated board members.
“I’m excited and humbled for getting the votes I did,” Walker said, adding that he would work for all Bloomfield residents.

Berger wanted to thank the people of Bloomfield for returning him to office.
“We’re coming in with a positive energy,” he said.
Morse said he was “so excited. I can’t wait to get started. It’s going to be a blast.”