Good crowd, good food at annual GR Antiques Show

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BLOOMFIELD, NJ — An estimated 1,000 people attended the 73rd annual Glen Ridge Antiques Show held this past Friday and Saturday at the Glen Ridge Congregational Church, according to Debbie Turi, the dealer manager of the show.
“I have a lot of happy dealers at the moment,” she said.

There must have been happy diners, too.
“They actually sold out of all three meals in the Bistro,” Turi said.
For the first time, visitors were led to select dealers who spoke about their items. Turi wished more people had joined this tour. Because of its low attendance, it will be dropped for next year.

Dorothy Waldt, the show manager, said the kitchen did very well. “We sold out every bit of everything,” she said. “All three meals. I’ve never seen it happen.”

Waldt has been associated with the show for more than 10 years. But since the proceeds go to a nonprofit, the Women’s Association of the the Glen Ridge Congregational Church which distributes the money to charities, running out of food was better than not selling it, she said.
“As a nonprofit, you want to sell out at the right time,” Waldt said. “And we did, at the end of service.”
But still she said next year the kitchen will probably plan for more food.

Financially, the numbers are not in yet.
“I suspect we did well,” she said. “Everything is planned tightly.”
Waldt spent most of her time at the show in the kitchen. But some dealers had told her they appreciated how graciously the volunteers had treated them. For Waldt, who had 100 volunteers, comments like this are important.

“A lot of shows are closing,” she said. “Our antique show is an especially important one not only for the charities, but for the dealers.”