Lieutenants promoted to captains in Town Hall ceremony

Photo by Detective Mel Pascua
The township promoted three lieutenants to the rank of captain last week. From left, are captains Patsy Spatola, George Ricci and Anthony Sisco.

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — Three Bloomfield Police Department lieutenants were promoted to the rank of captain at a ceremony at Town Hall on Tuesday evening, Feb. 26. The officers were captains Patsy Spatola, George Ricci and Anthony Sisco.

In his welcoming speech, Mayor Michael Venezia provided the over-capacity audience with some career information about the officers.

He first introduced councilmen Nick Joanow and Rich Rockwell, Township Administrator Matt Watkins, Public Safety Director Sam DeMaio and former BPD Chief Michael Sisco, father of the new captain. Another son, Michael, is a BPD lieutenant.
Venezia said Capt. Sisco began his career in 1999 with NJT Police and transferred a few months later to the BPD where he became a patrol officer. He was promoted to sergeant in 2008 and became a lieutenant in 2014.

“Capt. Anthony Sisco comes from a strong law enforcement family and has set the bar higher for his brother to beat,” Venezia said.

Spatola has been a BPD officer since 1993. He was promoted to detective in 2005 where he worked in the narcotics unit. He was promoted to detective sergeant in 2013 and lieutenant in 2014.

“Capt. Sisco’s experience and training has led to numerous arrest and countless cases being closed,” Venezia said. “He manages 20 detectives including several assigned to outside agencies.”
Venezia called Ricci “my good friend and bodyguard.”

Ricci began his law enforcement career in 1996 as a corrections officer for the NJ Juvenile Justice Commission. After three years, he transferred to the BPD. He was promoted to detective in the Youth Aid Division in 2004. In 2011, he became the midnight sergeant of patrol and was made a detective sergeant of the Youth Aid Division. Ricci was promoted to lieutenant in 2015.

“Every year, the Youth Aid Division hosts a toy drive during the holidays to give back to the families in need,” Venezia said. “It’s no secret he loves his job and shows it in everything he does.”

The mayor said he was proud of each new captain and spoke to them directly.
“Continue to be leaders that not only myself and the council can be proud of, but be leaders your children will continue to look up to,” Venezia said.

DeMaio told the audience that no one makes it to the top without support from home.
“Now as captains, you’ll have more work,” he said. “It use to be the higher you went, the less you did. No more.”
He said Venezia had hired more than 50 new officers since becoming mayor.

“All senior officers but one have been promoted at least once under this mayor,” DeMaio said.
Venezia was first elected mayor in 2013.

Spatola would head the Internal Affairs Division, DeMaio said, adding that it was the most important division in the BPD.
The program was emceed by Lt. Naomi Zepeda, of the Special Operations Division.