Officials search for person who shot Trey the cat

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WEST ORANGE, NJ — A volunteer for the West Orange Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return program rescued an injured cat that had been shot in the leg by a pellet gun last week, leading to the cat having his left front leg amputated. The nonprofit organization traps feral cats living in West Orange, then neuters and vaccinates them before releasing them back into their environment in an effort to control the stray cat population with a no-kill option.

The cat, named Trey by his rescuers, was found near Maple Avenue and Walker Road with a group of cats regularly fed by volunteers. There is currently a $200 reward for anyone with information about who hurt Trey.

“There’s about four or five in that area that we feed and he showed up,” West Orange TNVR Director Judy Stier said in a phone interview on April 26. “He obviously belonged to someone at some point because he was neutered already. People move and dump them sometimes, so we never really know.”

Although Trey didn’t appear to have a wound on his leg, when he was taken to the veterinarian, X-rays showed that his front left leg was shattered, Stier said.

“We thought he got his leg stuck in a fence and when he pulled it out it broke,” Stier said. “But the X-rays showed it was just shattered and they had to go in and take it off.”

Stier said it’s now up to the police to find out who shot Trey. She wanted to involve the police to prevent anyone else getting hurt.

“I think if you shoot at a cat, you’ll probably do it again,” Stier said. “It could have been a kid. You’re going to hurt someone else.”

To share information about the case, call the police department at 973-325-4000 and ask about case No. 19013606 or contact Lt. John DeMars at

Despite his injury, Trey has adapted well to his new three-legged life.

“He’s amazing. He’s up and walking around,” Stier said. “He’s in foster care, so now we’ll find him a home.”

For information about adopting Trey or other cats that TNVR takes care of, visit