Amended budget adopted in special meeting

IRVINGTON, NJ — The Irvington Municipal Council held a special meeting in Council Chambers on Monday, Sept. 30, to consider a resolution amending the 2019 calendar year municipal budget and adopting it as amended.

The meeting came to a close in less than 10 minutes as this was the only item on the agenda.

Renee Burgess, the council’s acting president, was on hand for the meeting and gave a statement to the Record-Transcript in a recent phone interview.

“I read off the summary of the budget,” Burgess said. “Everyone agreed, with the exception of one councilman, who voted ‘no’ on the budget, with the other five voting ‘yes’. Majority ruled and the budget was passed. The meeting was adjourned soon after that.”

Passing the 2019 budget is a positive move, Burgess said, adding that tax bills will now be able to go out and the town will be able to continue to function as planned.