Hazel principal resigns to assume superintendency in Long Hill school district

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Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Cumming
Edwin Acevedo reads a statement to the Board.

WEST ORANGE, NJ — The West Orange Board of Education accepted the resignation of Hazel Elementary School Principal Edwin Acevedo, effective May 9, allowing him to assume the K-eight superintendency in the Long Hill Township School District, located in Gillette.

Acevedo has been an educator for 17 years and in the West Orange School District since 2006, where he began work as the district supervisor of world languages. In 2010, he was appointed principal at Hazel; according to a press release, Acevedo’s teaching and principaling style is collaborative.

In a letter to parents in the Long Hill Township School District, he wrote, “My philosophy is doing what is right for children by creating learning opportunities for all students, and supporting teachers and administrators to do their very best.”

BOE President Laura Lab lauded Acevedo and his accomplishments, noting that, as supervisor of world languages, he was instrumental in orchestrating the partnership between the Chinese government and the Chinese language program in the school district. The Chinese program is nationally recognized and is one of four model world language programs in New Jersey. A successful exchange program also exists between West Orange High School and the Hangzhou Foreign Language School in Zhejiang, China. The district received world language grants from the Chinese and Italian governments totaling $110,000 thanks to Acevedo’s efforts.

“Despite all that he accomplished as supervisor of world languages, I believe he got the most joy as principal at Hazel School,” Lab said. “Hazel Elementary School has become one of our district’s highest performing elementary schools, and in 2013, Hazel was named ‘A School of Excellence.’

“Ed united the parents and staff by listening and partnering with them,” Lab continued. “He gave parents and students a voice.”

Acevedo thanked the board and school district for their support and opportunities over the past 10 years.

“It has indeed been an honor and a privilege to serve the students of this magnificent community,” Acevedo said. “For the past 10 years, I have worked very closely with an amazing group of educational leaders who have worked tirelessly to support the diverse learning needs of our beautiful community, a true American mosaic.

“All parents in my community have been instrumental in ensuring our success by partnering with me and our dedicated team of teachers to do what is right for our students,” Acevedo continued. “Our students are in great hands and I am proud of the accomplishments of our teachers, parents and dedicated PTA parents who work tirelessly to support our teachers and students.

“Lastly, it is the children whom I will miss the most. In the past 10 years, I have witnessed their learning as well as their social and emotional development and for that I am truly thankful. West Orange will always be home due to the many warm memories I take with me. Your belief and support in me has inspired me to reach new heights and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for enriching my life,” Acevedo concluded.

“Dr. Acevedo is an outstanding educator,” Superintendent Jeff Rutzky said. “He loves Hazel Elementary School and works tirelessly for the children, staff and parents. We will miss Dr. Acevedo but wish him great success in his next professional challenge.”