Irvington Public Safety Department to receive new computers 

IRVINGTON, NJ — When Irvington’s Municipal Council met in Town Hall on Monday, Jan. 13, it authorized the purchase of computers and accessories for the Irvington Public Safety Department by state contract with SHI International at a cost of $43,309.

The Irvington Public Safety Department has been trying to stay ahead of ever-evolving technological advances by making sure its technology is up to date.

Council member Orlander Glen Vick, who was at the meeting, said the upgrade the department is looking to make will prevent them from being affected by viruses through cyber activity.

“The IT division within the Police Department has been consistently looking to upgrade their technology concerning cyber activity,” Vick said to the newspaper via phone interview on Thursday, Jan. 16. “With an upgrade in cyber activity, the Police Department won’t be impacted by the technology with viruses.”

“We replace our technology every so often,” Public Safety Director Tracey Bowers said to the newspaper via phone interview on Thursday, Jan. 16. “Right now, we have upgraded technology for law enforcement purposes. The new computers include a crime information center, training bureau and 911 call center. We have to keep up with technology as a resource, if we’d like to get our job done.”

The $43,309, which would cover a service agreement and accessories bundle — mouse devices, keyboards, monitors, etc. — in addition to the newly purchased computers, comes from the operating expenses of the township’s budget.

Bowers said an upgrade in technology is needed, if they are going to rely on technology to do their job.

“We have to upgrade technology frequently, if we are going to rely and use them as resources to do our job,” Bowers said. “Some technologies outlive their usefulness and must be upgraded.”