Fourth-graders explore what friendship really means

Photo by Daniel Jackovino
Fourth-graders at Fairview Elementary School were presented with an assembly on what it takes to be a friend. They came up with key words such as ‘loyalty,’ ‘bravery’ and ‘honesty.’

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — “Friendship” was the word during an assembly last week in the gymnasium at Fairview Elementary School, as fourth graders explained the qualities a person needs to be a friend. The attributes or ingredients were given in “friendship pie recipes,” and, from this, the audience learned that friendship requires many ingredients to turn out right. Needed might be a cup of loyalty, a teaspoon of bravery, a cup and a half of love, and a pinch of honesty. The quantities of ingredients did not seem to matter, as a number of recipes were recited and no two were the same. So one was left to reason that timing was an important part in friendship: when to be brave, when to show love or when to be patient. All ingredients were put into an oven and baked.

The children then produced a back-and-forth cheer, with fourth graders shouting, “When I say friendship, you say … ,” and the audience shouting back the name of an ingredient written on poster board that was held up by a fourth grader.

Everyone sang “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” a song from the movie “Toy Story.” This was followed by short videos. From these clips, students learned that, if you want a friend, you have to be a friend, too.

“A true heart is necessary for friendship,” was said in one of the videos.

And that says it all. The fourth-grade teachers presenting the show were Deana Scura, Jennifer Pisani, Erin Garifo and Andrea Grenci.