Orange mayor works to combat the threat of the coronavirus

Mayor Dwayne Warren

ORANGE, NJ — In the fight against COVID-19, Orange Mayor Dwayne Warren has been pouring all of his energy into keeping the city and its residents safe from the threat of the coronavirus. In recent weeks, aggressive measures have been taken to ease the anxiety of residents who are currently in quarantine throughout the city.

The mayor urges residents to stay in their homes. Unless you have to leave your home for health and safety reasons, or to buy food and gas, then residents need to remain within the home and adhere to the restrictions enacted by Gov. Phil Murphy, which include a curfew between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. Failure to obey this order is punishable by fine. These drastic measures are in place to keep the city safe.

According to a recent coronavirus update from Warren, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising nonmedical professionals to use simple cloth face masks, which can be made from household materials. Additionally, the city posted a video demonstrating how to make homemade face masks in just 45 seconds.

The mayor and his team will continue to conduct wellness checks, both on foot and in patrol vehicles, and to address citizens’ concerns regarding price gouging and apartment building sanitization.

On April 1, the four mayors of Irvington, Newark, Orange and East Orange combined their efforts and announced a “lockdown” of their four cities, to last for at least a week. As a result of the close proximity of the four towns, the mayors have determined harsher action must be implemented to reinforce their efforts against the coronavirus and will announce further action if necessary. 

Last week, residents were made aware of food distribution for those in need due to the coronavirus outbreak. From now through Sunday, April 19, at noon, residents are welcomed to stock up on food, courtesy of the township. Due to the effects of the pandemic, many families and senior citizens face food insecurity and need immediate help. Warren’s community partners have donated food boxes, meals and other items in order to ensure that residents have what they need during this unprecedented time. To request a bag of groceries or cooked meals, residents should call 973-280-1621 or register online at

Warren said he identifies with the fear of coronavirus and is committed to continuing strict safety measures within the city.

“We cannot let the coronavirus attack us by failing to adhere to the simple measures that can help stop the spread of the virus,” Warren said on April 5. “Stay home, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear your mask. I have been working to feed people; keep up the spirits of the homebound residents who are used to being active; and lead the city through a pandemic that has a global effect on our way of life.

“I am blessed with a dedicated staff of people who have rededicated themselves to the task of serving Orange in a crisis,” he continued. “As the spouse of a frontline ER doctor, I am also supporting my wife and family to stay healthy. My most fervent effort has been kneeling on my knees in prayer for guidance and healing to the sick and suffering.”

As always, the mayor and his administration urge residents to practice protective common-sense measures, such as staying home and avoiding social gatherings, washing hands regularly for 20 seconds, staying 6 feet away from others, and checking on family, friends and neighbors.