Vauss commits to no property tax increases for next 2 years in Irvington

IRVINGTON, NJ — There is some good news for the township as Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss announced a zero-percent property tax increase for Irvington residents and property owners for the next two years. Due to the pandemic and the economic damage it has caused, residents will now be able to breathe more easily for 2021 and 2022.

“The township of Irvington will not be raising taxes in 2021 and 2022. I wanted to help our property owners as we try to come out of the pandemic and while so many people are still hurting,” Vauss said on May 27. “We have focused on the hardships that our residents are facing due to this pandemic, which is why we are dedicated to finding and using other financial avenues. What a zero-percent property tax increase means for the entire township and the residents is that they don’t have to worry about an increase in their bottom line for the next two years.”

Vauss explained that financial constraints are being felt statewide by both individuals and governments. Nevertheless, he feels that Irvington’s government needs to do whatever it can to help local residents and business owners.

“It has been hard for us to finance the expensive township services and resources, and we are experiencing more demand than ever before,” Vauss said. “This, while simultaneously plugging any and all budget holes in the wake of the pandemic, has crippled most municipalities across the state.

“Taking that into consideration, working along with the Irvington Municipal Council led by Council President Renee C. Burgess, we want to help our residents who are struggling or are unemployed, or under financial strain,” he continued. “We must all work together to offer some support to the citizens of our township. We must give our township residents and businesses a chance to build back better and, by doing this, it will help our residents deal with so many other hardships already placed on them. I am concerned about all of our citizens, especially the most unfortunate among us who have been the hardest hit by this pandemic.”

Recognizing rising costs in the township from year to year, Vauss felt the need to offer a helping hand to residents and property owners.

“This time around, we’re coming through a pandemic that has rattled the foundation of not only this township but the entire world,” Vauss said. “Although my administration has been able to hold the line and work with less throughout the years, you still have certain services where the cost increases from year to year, such as police, fire and governmental operations.

“You also have infrastructure upgrades, such as street paving, upgrading our parks, and cleaning and maintaining old sewer lines and streets,” he continued. “I’m sure there’s other pressing things that our residents need to attend to that have caused a hardship during this pandemic, such as paying their car note, mortgages, medical bills, child care, etc.”

Vauss stressed that accomplishing zero-increase budgets for the next two years was a team effort between his administration and the Irvington Municipal Council.

“The Irvington Municipal Council and I felt that it was time for the people to have some relief and to finally get a win when they are the heart and soul of making this township work for the people. This has actually been done before. My second year in office, we were able to bring relief to the residents by not raising taxes,” Vauss said, adding that committing to do this for two years, however, is “unprecedented.” 

“For the next two years, a municipality is working together to provide its citizens with the relief that they need,” he added. “On behalf of myself and the entire Municipal Council, we pledge to work hard to accomplish this for our residents.”