It’s official: Vauss running for mayor again

Photo Courtesy of Tony Vauss
Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss recently submitted paperwork to the township clerk so that he could run for reelection this spring.

IRVINGTON, NJ — It’s official: Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss is running for mayor again. His team — Council President Renee Burgess, Council First Vice President October Hudley and Council Second Vice President Charnette Frederic — is also running for reelection. The mayor, who recently submitted the necessary paperwork to the township clerk, said he hopes for the endorsement and support of friends, residents and community leaders to become mayor of Irvington Township once again.

“I decided to run again for the same reason I sought to become mayor in the first place, and that is to share my desire to make the township I love a great place to live,” said Vauss on Saturday, Jan. 15. “I wanted to focus on two things — (the township being) safe and clean, so other people could see what a great place we live in, and we still have so much work to get done.”

Vauss said he believes voters will vote for someone who will put the town first. As of right now, Vauss and his team are the only ones certified by the clerk to run. Contenders may emerge, but the mayor pointed out that candidates are not officially candidates until they turn in the prescribed petition and are certified by the clerk. The deadline to get a petition signed to become an official candidate is Thursday, March 10.

“I’m not running against anyone,” Vauss said. “My decision to run again should not be construed as a desire to beat out another candidate. I strongly believe that the citizens of Irvington should have a choice in who will represent them as a mayor, and giving them another option hopefully encourages everyone to exercise their right to vote.

“Again, I trust that the voters will vote for the person who will put Irvington above any personal gains,” he said. “As for me, I believe that I have shown the capability to make the tough decisions, even those that are not a popular choice, especially during this pandemic.”

Regarding what he would accomplish in the township, Vauss said all praise for past efforts goes to Team Irvington Strong.

“Anything that was accomplished as mayor is the combined efforts of the council, staff and the employees of the township,” the mayor said. “Anything done has to go through all the proper channels to get done. I am very proud to be the mayor of Irvington and a part of the team of Renee Burgess, October Hudley, Charnette Frederic and Team Irvington Strong.”

Vauss said he trusts the citizens of Irvington to recognize his dedication to the township and his pride in being a longtime resident. He said he genuinely believes Irvington can become a place that people will want to stop and spend time in, rather than just drive through on their way to another destination.

In a recent press release in which the mayor announced his candidacy and that of Team Irvington Strong, Vauss highlighted the endorsements he earned from South Ward Council member Jamillah Beasley, West Ward Council member Vern Cox, North Ward Council member Orlander Vick and East Ward Council member the Rev. Sean Evans, among others.

Thanking everyone who has helped him and his team along the way, Vauss says he is confident that voters will recognize his team’s dedication to the township once again as they head to the polls this spring.

“We have passion, we have diversity, we have communication and we have an awesome team,” said Vauss. “If reelected, I would truly like to thank the folks of the township of Irvington for another four years. It has been a once-in-a-lifetime event that I have enjoyed tremendously. I have met some amazing folks along the way and have tried my hardest to represent Irvington to the best of my ability.”