Haitian flag-raising celebration still on for May 26

IRVINGTON, NJ — At large Councilwoman Charnette Frederic, who was elected to a second consecutive term in office in the Tuesday, May 8, and her Charnette Frederic Civic Association Inc. have partnered with the Ring the Bell for the Community organization and several local business sponsors to host a Haitian flag-raising celebration in Civic Square on Saturday, May 26.

The celebration will feature live performances by Jean-Paul Gauthier, Rachelle Prince Celarme, Jean-Claud Jean, Sabine Simon, Wa Ak Gta Twoubadou, Buji Mix, Plezi Hara, China Blak featuring Jadon-Li, Brown Cliff and Ajta. Sadate and Simon will serve as master and mistress of ceremonies and DJ Fabulous Faby will be playing music.

“It’s free admission, so everybody is welcome,” said Frederic on Tuesday, May 15. “We’re going to have free food and drink, free T-shirts and a free Haitian flag for anyone that comes to the celebration. It’s a first-come, first-served basis, so people need to come out early and spend the afternoon with us, celebrating Haitian history, independence and our homeland’s national flag.”

Frederic previously served as the West Ward councilwoman for two years, before running for an at large seat on the Irvington Municipal Council, as part of Mayor Tony Vauss’ Team Irvington Strong slate in 2014. She is Irvington’s first Haitian-American elected official and was again part of the Team Irvington Strong victory in the election on Tuesday, May 8.

“I would like to thank our Irvington residents for another four years,” Frederic said. “And I will continue to keep Irvington clean and safe.”

For more information about the Irvington Haitian flag-raising event, call Joseph Fredric at 973-545-6183, Paul El Sadate at 201-682-957 or Ing Toussaint at 973-761-4774.