County asks property owners to help in battle to control mosquitoes

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ — The Essex County Division of Mosquito Control/Environmental Services conducts mosquito control measures throughout the year, but property owners can help control the mosquito population by eliminating any standing water from their properties in which mosquitoes could lay eggs.

The following are some easy tips provided by the American Mosquito Control Association that property owners can follow to eliminate standing water on their properties and help in the fight against mosquitoes:

  • Dispose of any unused tires as water that collects in unused tires can breed thousands of mosquitoes;
  • Drill holes in the bottom of recycling containers;
  • Clear roof gutters of debris;
  • Clean pet water dishes regularly;
  • Check and empty water from children’s toys;
  • Repair leaky outdoor faucets;
  • Change the water in bird baths at least once a week;
  • Turn over canoes and other boats when they are not in use;
  • Avoid water collecting on pool covers;
  • Empty water collected in tarps around the yard or on woodpiles; and
  • Plug tree holes.

Remember, even the smallest of containers that can collect water can breed hundreds to thousands of mosquitoes. They don’t need much water to lay their eggs, and can do so in bottles, barrels, buckets, overturned garbage can lids, etc.

To avoid getting bitten by a mosquito: wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing; when practical, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants; and choose a mosquito repellent that has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Essex County has a comprehensive, year-round program to control the mosquito population that includes surveillance, inspections, education and eliminating conditions that enable mosquitoes to breed. If residents have any questions, they can call the Essex County Mosquito Control Hotline at 973-239-3366, ext. 2480.