Bloomfield firefighters take diversity, equity and inclusion course

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — Members of the Bloomfield Fire Department command staff recently completed a 14-hour training and certification course on diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Chief Lou Venezia, Deputy Chief Brian McDade, Capt. Wojciech Masiak and Capt. Joseph Coletta all completed the seven-week curriculum. 

“Bloomfield firefighters serve and protect our residents each and every day while also ensuring that they have one of the most diverse and inclusive workplaces in the state,” Mayor Michael Venezia said. “I would like to commend each of our firefighters that participated in this program and look forward to seeing more members do training like this.”

The participants learned how building and growing a workforce that includes different races, religions, ages, genders and sexual orientations, as well as persons with disabilities, can not only improve broad societal issues but can also help organizations develop novel customer service practices, increase morale and improve performance.

“The Bloomfield Fire Department is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace and that is why we continue to participate in programs that help us to become better leaders,” Chief Lou Venezia said. “More members of our department will take part in these critical training sessions over time.”

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