Essex Vicinage dedicates two phone lines to CJP, Special Remand courts

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ — The Superior Court of New Jersey, Essex Vicinage, has announced a process change in some criminal matters. The Essex Vicinage has dedicated two phone lines for defendants and their attorneys to schedule appearances and notify the court of changes in address or phone numbers for CJP Court and Special Remand Court.

Regarding Central Judicial Processing Court, where defendants make their first appearances for complaint summonses, those recently arrested and released with a notice and date to appear at 50 W. Market St. in Newark should call 973-776-9300, ext. 56950.

Regarding Special Remand Court, those who were arrested, committed to jail, appeared before a judge by video and released on conditions before being told that the case was downgraded to Special Remand Court should call 973-776-9300, ext. 55997.

For more information or to request an ADA accommodation or interpreter, contact Sarah Hatcher at 973-776-9300, ext. 56886 or 55700, or at Individual cases will not be discussed or resolved.