IHA strengthens security in and around its properties

IRVINGTON, NJ — The Irvington Housing Authority has taken significant steps to increase security and surveillance in and around its managed properties, according to a recent press release. Measures include cameras, employees monitoring abnormal activities, resident tips and increased security at points of entry at all buildings. 

“Security initiatives are continuing to be implemented,” IHA Tenant President Joseph Epps said in the press release. “All cameras are now operational. This multiplex system provides management with greater visibility as to the interior and exterior aspects of the property. There is more of a presence by the Irvington Police Department. Their response time is better. Drug offenders are identified and addressed accordingly.

The continuing attention to the performance of Aegis Security and security monitors has shown increased control of access,” Epps continued. “Overall there is noticeable improvement. Management has shown a willingness to invest the time and funds to ensure all residents are afforded safe and secure housing.” 

“Our resident and employee safety is an ongoing top priority of the IHA administrative staff,” IHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia said in the release. “We have made security upgrades as overt as possible to hopefully deter criminal minds. Under the direction of Mayor Vauss and Police Director Tracy Bowers, the township has added a tremendous overlap to really strengthen our security effort.”