McGreevey to address ‘Reinvention After Incarceration’

LIVINGSTON, NJ — Registration is now open for the NCJW/Essex Lunch and Learn, “A Fresh Start: Reinvention After Incarceration,” featuring former Gov. James McGreevey, now director of the Jersey City Employment and Training Program, on Tuesday, May 17, from noon to 2 p.m.

McGreevey has become a leader in helping released prisoners successfully adjust back into society, advocating for skill-based educational services to enable former offenders to secure meaningful employment, enabling them to live healthy and productive lives.

Offender reentry, the transition from life in jail or prison to life in the community, has emerged as one of the most challenging issues of our time and can have profound implications for public safety. In particular, the importance of offender reentry is recognized as a critical tool in breaking the cycle of drug use and crime, and improving the public health and public safety of our communities.

McGreevey has been an outspoken advocate on this issue, garnering bipartisan accolades for his work. He is committed to making communities safer by assisting those returning from prison and jail in becoming productive, taxpaying citizens, according to a released from the NCJW. He will be joined by Helena Muhammed, a caseworker at the Jersey City Employment and Training Program, who will share her experiences.

McGreevey’s work is aligned with the basic tenet of the Linda and Rudy Slucker NCJW/Essex Center for Women: to give women the tools to empower themselves to make positive changes in their lives, especially after facing challenges at home or in the workplace. Pat Kremen, career services manager at the Center for Women, will join the former governor and Muhammed to discuss the challenges faced by women today and the services available to help them get back on their feet.

The Lunch and Learn will be held at the Livingston Community Center, 204 Hillside Ave. Pre-registration is required and attendance is charged, including a buffet lunch. To register, call 973-740-0588 or visit