Rachel Coalition social worker receives Humanism in Healthcare Award

Photo Courtesy of JFS MetroWest
From left are Rachel Coalition Clinical Director Shari Bloomberg, award recipient Sabrina Stuart and JFS MetroWest CEO Diane Squadron.

LIVINGSTON, NJ — Sabrina Stuart, a licensed clinical social worker with the Rachel Coalition, was selected as a recipient of the Lester Z. Lieberman Humanism in Healthcare Award. Sponsored by the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, this award recognizes the contributions of professionals who work in local direct service health care organizations. Those who are recognized are acknowledged for their compassion, empathy, respect and cultural sensitivity in the delivery of services to clients and their caregivers.

Stuart has been a vital member of the JFS MetroWest staff for the past six years, working with a variety of populations including children, adolescents, adults and victims of domestic violence. She carries a full-time caseload and devotes herself to the therapeutic issues her clients face, as well as improving their lives by helping them find the necessary resources to meet their concrete needs. Stuart is focused on helping her clients move toward healing and empowerment while being mindful of their right to self-determination. She treats her clients with fairness, dignity and kindness, modeling positive attributes and skills.

“Sabrina’s commitment does not end with her clients. She is an amazing colleague: warm, supportive and a true team player. She is willing to help her coworkers with any challenges that arise and fill in, when needed, for programs and groups,” JFS MetroWest CEO Diane Squadron said. “Her engaging disposition and overall cheerful manner have led her to become one of the most beloved staff members here at Jewish Family Service. She is willing to assist in any capacity, in any department, to help her colleagues and the overall agency. Sabrina truly represents the heart of the agency.”