Demolition begins at 160 Maplewood Ave.

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Demolition began this morning, May 18, at 160 Maplewood Ave. in Maplewood, the former site of the post office. According to a release from the township, the demolition phase is expected to take approximately three weeks.

As such, several logistics have had to be addressed:

  • Pedestrian access: A covered pedestrian path is open along the side of the building in the Village Coffee lot. The path runs between the NJ Transit pedestrian tunnel and the crosswalk at Inwood Place. The crosswalk at the south end of Ricalton Square is also open and accessible. Do not walk along the construction fence on Maplewood Avenue between Inwood Place and Ricalton Square or in the street. Take the extra 30 seconds and cross the street to the other side; it will be much safer, and you’ll have a better view.
  • Vehicular circulation: A circulation lane will remain open through the entrance of the Ricalton Square lot. Access in and out of the Village Coffee lot will remain the same.
  • Parking in Ricalton Square: Parking will be available along the train tracks, on the park side of Ricalton Square and on the north end adjacent to Valley National Bank. Parking on both sides of the entrance to Ricalton Square will be unavailable until further notice.
  • Parking in the Village Coffee lot: Parking spots on the north side of the lot, where the temporary pedestrian walkway is installed, is closed. All other parking in the Village Coffee lot will remain available.   

Use caution near the construction site. There will be a lot of activity in a small area for the next several months.