Coffee house discussion on immigration in SOMA

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — Who are today’s immigrants? The Community Coalition on Race’s 2016 demographic study found that 23 percent of SOMA residents are foreign born, and 41 percent of those are people of color. Come to the next coffee house discussion on Wednesday, March 8, at Congregation Beth El, 222 Irvington Ave. in South Orange, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. and explore in small groups the realities of our immigrant neighbors and how we can work to truly be a “welcoming community.”

These quarterly discussion sessions, organized by South Orange-Maplewood Community Coalition on Race, are held in cafes, synagogues and other local venues over coffee. Groups of eight to 10 people are assigned to each table with a goal of achieving a good racial mix. Each table then focuses on two or three suggested starter questions or chooses its own focus to address the topic. Ground rules and a facilitator are at each table to ensure a safe, civil and productive discussion.

To attend this event, complete a contact form at with your name and race to enable diverse table assignments. For more information about the CCR, visit or call 973-761-6116.