BOE approves new executive director of special services, youth development

Lauren Reisenauer

SOUTH ORANGE / MAPLEWOOD, NJ — On June 15, the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education approved the appointment of Lauren Reisenauer as executive director of Special Services & Youth Development, effective July 1.

“Dr. Reisenauer’s work as a district leader in special education and staff development, her background in school scheduling, and her strengths in cultivating relationships with staff and families to ensure that all students’ educational and social needs are met are just some of the highlights of Dr. Reisenauer’s background that support this recommendation,” Superintendent of Schools John Ramos Sr. told the board.

Reisenauer received a bachelor of science degree in art history from University of West Florida, and a master of science degree in curriculum and instruction from Texas A&M, a master of arts degree from Montclair State University in administration and supervision, and a doctorate from St. Peter’s University. She has served as director of pupil personnel services and special education in Palisades Park School District since August 2013. Previous positions in the Palisades Park School District include principal and director of special education services, vice principal of special education for students in pre-K through seventh-grade, supervisor of pupil personnel, special education coordinator, curriculum revision coordinator, special education teacher, scheduling coordinator and professional development committee member.

“I thank you very much for this opportunity,” Reisenauer told the board. “I look forward to working with you, and hope to work with SEPAC and the SPED PTO to address the issues which they have highlighted as areas of concern.”