Maplewood releases new recycling guidelines

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Maplewood Township recently released a new guideline for residents to use when recycling materials.

For plastics, residents may recycle bottles and containers coded with Nos. 1 and 2. Plastic bottle lids may be recycled screwed on the bottle; no loose lids. Residents may not recycle plastic bags or plastic film. Do not bag your recyclables or place bags in bin. Visit for drop-off locations of these materials. Also, any plastics not coded Nos. 1 and 2, such as those coded Nos. 3 through 7, are not recyclable locally. Some retail locations have special collections for No. 5 plastics.

For mixed paper, residents may recycle paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, catalogs and phone books; envelope windows can be left in. Residents may also recycle corrugated cardboard, and clean pizza boxes, cereal and food boxes; plastic windows may be left in. Residents may not recycle dirty pizza boxes, leftover food or grease; shredded paper, which should instead be placed in regular garbage or disposed of at township or county events to which residents bring their papers for the express purpose of shredding; or tissue paper, napkins and paper towels.

For metals, residents may recycle aluminum and steel — tin — cans and lids, as well as clean aluminum pie pans, clean aluminum foil and clean aluminum takeout containers. Residents may not recycle pots, pans and small appliances.

For glass bottles and jars, residents may recycle bottles and jars of all sizes, shapes and colors without lids. Residents may not recycle dishware, glass and mirrors.

Additionally, residents may recycle milk, juice and food cartons including Tetra Paks, but must remove plastic nozzles and straws first. Residents may not recycle styrofoam, which cannot be recycled curbside or at DPW. And residents may not recycle household materials, including hoses, wood, clothing, batteries, chemicals like paint, tires, furniture, concrete, electronics and building materials; there are special collections held throughout the year for some of these materials.

For more information on what can and cannot be recycled, as well as places to recycle items not accepted in Maplewood recycling, visit