Positive, purposeful and proactive leadership in Maplewood

MAP-mldi woodland-WMAPLEWOOD, NJ — The Maplewood Leadership Development Initiative held a successful inaugural event recently called “Empowering Your Leadership Voice” at The Woodland in Maplewood. At the event, Maplewood resident John Harvey, owner of T2Partners LLC, helped participants with personal empowerment.
“In this busy, task-oriented world we could use some inspiration. Personal leadership is about creating and inspiring meaningful change in life; it is the practice of acting in a positive, purposeful and proactive way. If we are going to change the world through personal leadership, we need a diversity of leaders; we need to democratize leadership,” MLDI said in a release.

The MLDI, a series of individual learning events to support meaningful change in the world, features guest speakers with a deep level of expertise on topics that are relevant to both work and personal life.

On April 15, MLDI will present Mike Morrison, former head of Toyota University, and author of many books on personal leadership. For more information and to register, people can send an email to maplewoodleadershipdevelopment@gmail.com.

Photo Courtesy of Helen Harvey