JLOSH helps more than 78 families at FARC shopping boutique

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ORANGE, NJ — In collaboration with Family Assistance Resource Center, the Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills hosted a special children’s boutique at the FARC Free Shopping Boutique held at the Forest Street School in Orange.

Thanks to JLOSH members’ donations of new and gently-used clothing, books, stuffed animals and much more, together JLOSH and FARC helped more than 78 families in need. The boutique drew more than 165 individuals, including recent victims of residential fires in the Oranges, as well as students and their parents from the Forest Street School in Orange.

“We are thrilled to partner with FARC and the Forest Street School to support the shopping boutique,” JLOSH President Kate Farley said. “Collaborating with FARC and the school on this effort is an important way for us to carry out our mission in serving youth and the community. A new shirt or sweater and access to new books makes a huge impact for these students and their families.”

Many children in the JLOSH catchment area attend school lacking adequate clothing and other basic needs. The lack of access to these basic items has a detrimental impact on a child’s ability to learn and thrive at school. The FARC shopping boutique, along with its other programs, is a vital resource for children in need.

“Working together with the Junior League allows us to meet the critical needs these families face,” FARC founder and President Roger Hinton said. “One of the families shopping lost everything in a fire last month. Another mother shopping just gave birth. Thanks to the JLOSH children’s section, she was able to pick up baby essentials and even found clothing for all of her children. That itself is a blessing.”

The FARC mobile boutiques provide basic items, such as clothing, footwear, books and toys, bed linens and more, to students and families, who may not otherwise have access to them. More than 175 bags were checked out at the Forest Street School boutique, totaling an estimated $8,750 in donated items.

“FARC and JLOSH made such an impact this Saturday for our school and its families,” Forest Street School Principal Yancisca Loften-Cooke said. “This much-needed support helps fill critical gaps for our students. On behalf of the Orange community, we thank JLOSH for all of its support.”

Photos Courtesy of JLOSH