Gubernatorial Town Hall on Racial Justice at ECC

NEWARK, NJ — Essex County College, along with the Anti-Racist Alliance of North Jersey and The Africana Institute of Essex County College, will host a Gubernatorial Town Hall on Racial Justice event on Saturday, Sept. 16, from 4 to 6 p.m. at Essex County College’s Smith Hall, West Market and MLK Blvd., Newark.

Gubernatorial candidates Gina Genovese, Seth Kaper-Dale, Matthew Riccardi and Peter Rohrman will attend; candidates Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno have been invited, though have not yet responded.

Akil Khalfani, a professor at Essex County College, and Janice Johnson Dias, president of the GrassROOTS Foundation, will co-moderate the event, which intends to educate persons about issues of racial disparities in New Jersey regarding criminal justice, child welfare, education, immigrant rights, health and mental health, environment, housing, employment, segregation and more.