NJ Transit board approves purchase of 85 articulated buses

NEWARK, NJ — On Jan. 16, NJ Transit’s board of directors approved a contract with New Flyer of America for the purchase of 85 articulated buses. The purchase allows the retirement of the current articulated fleet, which has been in revenue service for more than 15 years.

Articulated buses are 60 feet long and consist of two segments permanently attached to each other through a pivot point that allows them to negotiate urban traffic and sharp turns.

“This purchase allows NJ Transit to continue retiring our older buses in the fleet, which increases mechanical reliability and ultimately helps us better serve our customers with improved on-time performance and important customer amenities such as USB charging ports on the seats,” NJ Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett said. “As we continue to restore NJ Transit to national prominence, an improved customer experience is the hallmark of that effort. By having our buses spend more time on the road and less time in the shop, customers will notice these improvements at bus stops across New Jersey.”

This purchase is a one-for-one replacement of NJ Transit’s aging articulated bus fleet as it reaches the end of its expected service life.

It is anticipated that the full contingent of vehicles will have been delivered by the end of 2020. The total cost for this purchase is $65.8 million plus 5 percent for contingencies. This contract will be funded through a combination of Federal Transit Administration funds and Transportation Trust Funds.

The articulated buses feature low flooring, which allows customers to embark and disembark more quickly, wheelchair ramps, and camera systems to improve customer security and ensure bus operators are better informed of their surroundings. New customer amenities include USB charging ports, bicycle racks, an improved intercom system and LED lighting.